Saturday, March 16, 2013

new religionists

The humans living on this lovely archipelago, in spite of spending, I ballpark, less than an hour a year, on average, in official places of worship (though you could make the case for schools; on the other hand, that's my point) are every bit as religious as your southern baptist, your Catholic, your Jew, even as they, generally, have nothing at all to say about post-life existence or creationism or transcendent personal gods. The new atheists, though, who mock so-called institutional religionists while idolizing western-exceptionalist statists like Chris Hitchens and Richard Dawkins and mostly shielding, from what I've seen, the most powerful religious leader of our times, the Washington Pope, from rational analysis, have nothing to say about Japan. Their critique is aimed at their rivals, God religions, and nothing else, apparently. The new atheists have simply created a new, at best, slightly less awful religion that does little or nothing to challenge the worst forms of systematic domination and predation humans afflict on each other.

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