Saturday, May 30, 2015

common people

Liberal empathy for underclass comes with caveat of get to keep superiority am praised for this?

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dawkins reverse dawkins

The Dawkins fallacy (false difference):

Where the severe unnecessary human-caused suffering of A negates the lesser abuse of B, thereby, by implication trickeration, justifying the actions of those abusing B. In other words, if someone is spitting on you, the Dawkins fallacist will emphasize the fact that somewhere else, someone is getting punched. If someone's punching you, someone else is getting whipped, etc. All of this serves to silence the abused party and functions as a defense of the lesser offender (the spitter).

The reverse Dawkins fallacy (false equivalence):

Where B equates its own abuse to A's without recognizing the difference in severity, generally in order to advance its narrower interests while leaving the more abused behind. B uses A, is yet another abuser of A.

Friday, May 29, 2015

alternate universe Anderson Cooper

You don’t think bringing guns to a mosque while families are praying inside, wearing t-shirts that say ‘F Islam’ and shouting whatever it is you’re going to shot at them, as they come and as they go — you don’t think that’s promoting violence at all?
Funny thing is, alternate universe Anderson Cooper, who's not owned by the U.S. establishment, has been asking pretty much the same question for years. 
You don't think bringing guns and tanks into American neighborhoods -- you don't think that's promoting violence at all?
Alternate universe Anderson Cooper is a blogger with 10 readers who understands what cops do.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

social contract thrownness

society: Hello newborn, we love you and want the best for you. You know it's true because look at our smiles.

newborn: Hi. Well I'm genetically inclined to trust you, take on your views, become you, so...

society: And we wanna let you know you've already signed a social contract by virtue of existing.

newborn: Whaa...? Waa, waa!

society: Do you agree that oligarchy is the best political arrangement, that your life should be dedicated to production and consumption, that 100 is a good number of Senators....

newborn: I'd like to see some research.

society: Well, asking was a courtesy. We don't owe you anything, you little fuck. Like we said, you already signed the social contract when you started existing. *starts singing "We Are the World"*

Saturday, May 16, 2015

death already became (personal pronoun)

The official death penalty gets treated like it's the real life/death question. Cops kill someone every day, USG kills/tortures abroad every day, USG is the world's leading arms dealer, etc. The death penalty is unquestioned all-the-damn-time policy. Now and then, the question gets asked in a court room, which is just the program asking "are you sure?" Certain people, call them liberals, having somehow explained away the vast bulk of state violence as bad apples, good intentions gone bad, etc. but mostly just not noticing, get upset when the answer to "do you really really want to end this person's life?" is still yes.