Monday, March 4, 2013

advanced obamapologetics

From "The Other 98%" via "Truths2SetUsFree-from the lies of mis-leaders":

Each panel taken alone is accurate. Murder? Yes, and how many people are honest enough to call it that? Same for crimes against humanity. And together, the panels make a good point, as well. The contrast between "Bush murdered and is now, relatedly, free" and "Manning exposed murder and is now, as a result, unfree" is 99% of an excellent point. And yet, given the context, it's still a heaping pile of humanshit.

Where a beginner Obamapologist thinks "if Obama does it, it is good" and, so, turns Obama's ongoing assault on Manning into some kind of positive in itself (national security! strong leadership!), an advanced Obamapologist asks how they can use the evilness of something Obama has done to promote Obamaism, how they can use Obama's actions, by virtue of how evil they are, as an argument for Obama. So they wonder, specifically in the Manning case, "how can we reap political profits from our imprisonment and torture of a whistleblower; how can we milk Bradley Manning even more, so that we not only abuse him physically but also use him as a tool by which we give ourselves more power so that we can do the same sorts of things to future Bradley Mannings?"

I don't imagine they think it through so explicitly, at the clearest levels of consciousness, but how else could someone get to a juxtaposition of Bush and Bradley Manning, sans Obama than to act on such motives?

First, Clinton killed half a million civilians, mostly children, with sanctions and bombs. Then, the Iraq invasion of 2003. What a disaster, right? Right? Vote Republican!

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