Saturday, February 9, 2013

they're saying the same thing in china

The overwhelming consensus here in Japan is that Chinese people are bad. Now, it can't be that the problem with the Chinese is genetic because that would be racist. Well, it would be clearly racist, and we can't have anything being clearly racist. And afterall, the Chinese were once a decent group of people, more or less but not really, when they followed the teachings of the inestimably authoritarian fascist wise Confucius. But then the Communists took over and started to brainwash the people. Confucius, who said that people should always bow down to authority, and whose message was used to persuade the underside of every power relation that it was in their best interests to abandon their sovereignty, did not want to brainwash anyone or convince them to act against their own best interests. Anyway, the Communists used mandatory state schooling with a curriculum drawn up by establishment hacks to trick young kids into thinking that Japan is bad, and they still do. They also employ a media apparatus that systematically filters out perspectives that run counter to the official narrative. So these poor brainwashed Chinese people, who otherwise might be our friends, hate us, poor us!, and so we should probably be ready for a fight and/or also take the fight to them. Because they hate us. Because their government told them to. Because their government, we learned from ours, wants to trick its citizens into hating people they independently know nothing about and would have no reason to hate if not for the tightly controlled message filtered through their schooling and media systems.

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