Saturday, February 2, 2013

they sent out a pawn and i slashed its throat and gouged out its eyes but when i looked around for the king i couldn't find him

The fundamentalist Christian caller in the video below gets it bad, though in the broader scheme, he's on the dominant side. A nasty, abusive dominant side. A soldier for hate and oppression. But first he was abused by his parents and his community. That's how you become a soldier. Ask the Spartans. So he calls into this show, something he understands is evil, to set things right, to please someone somewhere, and he's abused again, and it's the least bad option, and the guy on the right is amazingly gentle about it, but...the poor bastard. And now I give him my pity, and in doing so, abuse him yet again, when he really should be treated like that broken-winged bird that looked up at me fearfully as I smashed its head. 

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