Saturday, August 3, 2013

riley cooper

A pro American football human classified as white called Riley Cooper got caught saying what is known as the N-word, so now a bunch of people who have no problem with the ostensibly black Obama ramping up the U.S. government's easily quantifiable war on humans considered black (a war that destroys lives, by the way) are terribly upset, and Cooper's hold on NFL employment appears to be in jeopardy. Let's just say the Riley Cooper reaction takes place on a symbolic level that is rather strongly psychotic. He said the wrong words and has hell to pay (though yes, he's apparently a giant douche and blah blah disclaimer). Obama oversees racist policies and gets Jay-Z plaudits and whatforth.

The interesting part is the nature of the price Cooper has to pay. He is to undergo counseling. The word sensitivity training has also been bandied about. He needs to conform his words and actions to the proper symbolic structure. There is nothing more to the story than this. Which means that the NFL's response has nothing to do with systemic racism, i.e., racism, and everything to do with conformity for its own sake. If you say the right words, you are one of the good guys. That's where the story starts and that's where it ends.

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