Saturday, May 11, 2013

dogs and humans

Doggish things recognize housish things. Dog brains interact, make connections. Dogs act towards houses in ways they don't act towards squirrels.

What happens in human brains is a more intense version of the same process. A solid, perfect line is drawn around the house dividing the world into houses and non-houses. All houses are identical. You can add them as 1 + 1 + 1... All non-houses are identical. But you can't add them because they're an indeterminate not-1. Dogs, trees and whatnot are nothing other than non-house.

The same process is used to create dogs, trees, and such. Dogs and non-dogs. Trees and non-trees. Every category is based on the same process. Then we work our way up to more and more inclusive categories, each refuting all the others (non-dog = non-house?), until we get to Being, which needs an outside, so we call that non-Being, thus revealing a new dimension of the absurdity of human consciousness. Non-Being? What?!

There are doggish and housish things, sure, but, outside human-type consciousness, there are no lines around them. And outside consciousness, there is no difference.

The existence of alpha dogs and pecking orders alone is enough to suggest something similar in other conscious things. Not quite a line, not quite symbolic, but control of interacted-with elements and increased repetition (survival) odds by way of isolation by exclusion. Something like focus.

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