Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lupe the heretic

First there was slavery but then the white people, led by a man named Abraham, realized it was wrong and fixed their mistake. But there were still some mean white people who made black people drink from low quality water fountains and do housework. A great man named Moses Luther King used the white people's religious imagery to explain that black people are people too and hey, it's mean to be mean to people, and the white people saw the error of their ways and made it illegal to be mean to black people.* The mean white people slowly died off and at long last, in 2009, Black Jesus finished what Moses had started when he was inaugurated to the highest position of great equality -- ruler of the world Presidency of the Happily Ever Equal United States of America. Some heretics claimed that Moses was a reinvented, sanitized version of a great man named Martin Luther King, Jr. who had strongly opposed a so-called "white establishment." One heretic named Lupe Fiasco ripped Obama's mask off was removed from a stage for being anti-black Jesus, anti-equality, anti-love. No one took the heretics seriously enough to bother hanging them.

*they also (re-)made it illegal to be black

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