Tuesday, July 24, 2012

joepa who?

However restorative or cathartic the imaginary balancing of the scales of justice or the symbolic dishappening of the past might be -- and humans are strange, magic-believing creatures, all of us, often made better by our own fantasies or, more positively, imaginations, and telling off your tormentor who's now dead or otherwise out of reach works for some -- institutional justice as a rule serves the institution that delivers it and any punishment delivered by the NCAA is capable of delivering justice to anything non-NCAA only accidentally.

If you told me the victims of Jerry Sandusky, no, PSU, no, the NCAA had entered wherever that statue is being kept, taken it out, spat on it and burned it, I'd say that smells of justice, however imperfect and incomplete. And if someone said, well, then, they should let them do that, I'd say look at the word let in that sentence -- that's the problem. Who would let them? The people in charge. Why would they let them? Because it benefits the people in charge.

But the people in charge in this case chose a different path, unsurprisingly. Those responsible for the problem, who steer and advance a profit-driven system predictably inclined to institutional profit-protecting coverups -- and really the existence of hierarchical institutions is the problem, with the profit motive an amplifier -- reap the benefits of so-called justice by first externalizing, then disappearing the problem by way of purification ritual magic, thus ensuring its reoccurence elsewhere in the organism. They said the JoePa era never happened, not the bad part at least. The NCAA will gladly sacrifice a limb, one that will grow back soon enough anyway on a larger creature, to ensure its survival. 

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