Tuesday, January 24, 2012

there's a Kant in me balling his miniature eyes out

"I disagree with the moral system in which you imagine your actions being magically multiplied. The test of an action is not what would hypothetically happen if everyone did it, but what will actually happen if you do it."        Ran Prieur

Mmm, that's good. It seems that a strict understanding of immanence -- the notion that there is only this world, always becoming, and not some deep (e.g., Platonic) structure or divinity with a separate existence -- points this way. Anarchism also seems to suggest as much. 

Kant's categorical imperative (only do what you'd want everyone to do) may have value as a hypothetical, but it also has value on the liberal path to do-what-the-fuck-I-say-or-else. What's the problem with liberalism, you ask leadingly? This sort of if-everyone-would-just projection, perhaps, is part of it, though I'll be damned if I'm gunna stop projecting just like that. 


Jack Crow said...


This was brief, and perhaps because so short, eminently useful to me.

I'm stuck, as it were, on the cases of the Gracchi and Livius Drusus, in my own head. Seems relevant, somehow...

Devin Lenda said...

Good to hear.

Wish I knew more Roman history.